Diary 24 Jan 2012 – A Beautiful Lady In A Book Store

Beautiful Japanese Lady - PenulisHidupku.Com - 1About a week ago I went to Kinokunia book store at Liang Court before I had dinner at Clarke Quay.  While waiting for my buddies to show up I browsed some of the books there. Then I quickly noticed a very beautiful woman step in to the store. She is a Japanese, with long hair, smooth fair skin, sharp nose, a pair of lovely eyes, and she was in a very cute dress. The only odd thing for me is the fact that she was wearing a hat indoor :-D.

I told myself “wow… she is very very lovely. She is without a doubt the most beautiful Japanese lady I ever met in Singapore”. And to me personally… a beautiful lady being there in a book store magnifies her SEXINESS by 10 times. Come on… which man is not excited with beauty mixed with smartness ? You can ask Donald Trump who own the Miss Universe about this and he will tell you exactly the same thing. Beautiful lady who is dumb is not as attractive as those with the brain power.

So I pretended to open and read some books while my eye was locked to this beautiful Japanese lady. I quietly followed her and watched her move, wondering what kind of book she reads. Well… it is not self help books nor religious nor cooking nor health. She finally stopped at the magazine shelf and started browsing. From the look on her face I can tell that she is a bit lost. I normally never bother this kind of thing, but honestly I was so motivated by her beauty to approach her and offer my help… at the same time hoping that she is still single hehehe.

So I moved towards her and when she was less than two meter away from me, suddenly a small girl appeared and called her “mommy”. My instinct reaction was to divert my direction hehehe and pretended to reach one of the book. I grabbed any of the book and it happened to be a book about pregnancy Yoga. Then after listening to what this beautiful mother and daughter chat, I walked away and left the store. I quietly smiled at my own reaction… that my motive to help is not as genuine as I want to be hahaha.

Then I started thinking back. A very beautiful lady in a book store is sexy, but a very beautiful lady with a kid…err… is not sexy at all hahaha. So what sexiness is all about is still something that I cannot fully comprehend. But at least it gives me an idea… maybe I should go to library more often and hoping to meet another beautiful lady there… who is still single and has no kids of course.

Written by Handy Tirta Saputra on 24 Jan 2012.
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