Diary 30 Jan 2013 – Why Men Do Things For Women

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Two days ago, a Mongolian lady friend named Naara called me. She said she needs my help urgently and asked me to come to her house, located somewhere near Clarke Quay. So I went there to find out what happened to her. She told me that her washing machine broke down, and she thought I could fix it… hahaha… in reality I know nuts about fixing that kind of machines. But I was quite flattered when she said I looked smart and that’s the reason why she had an assumption I could handle it. So her main problem was she could not wash her clothes, and she needs them to go to school. If you look at Naara, quickly you will have impression she is the kind of spoiled princess hahaha… well… let’s put it this way that Naara is not the type of lady who can do washing manually.

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I told myself that this is a chicken feet issue, and next was I did something unimaginable. I OFFERED her my help to wash her clothes at my house. And the crazy part was I wanted her to feel convenient, so I offered her help to collect the clothes, wash at home, iron them, and then return them back to her house Free Of Charge (FOC). Of course she was very happy for that and handed over to me her clothes in a small bag. As I walked home… I just realized that problem that I have just created hahaha. In the first place, I am well known by my family to be super duper lazy in washing clothes, and if I go back to Jakarta I always bring dirty clothes to leverage on my parents’ maid service to wash and iron them.

If my mom knows I brought back a girl’s clothes and offered her help to wash + iron… I think she will be in disbelief BIG TIME hahaha… (that is also the reason why I wrote this entry in English… hopefully she can’t figure it out hahaha). Several times I told myself I was a fool committing to Naara in such extend … well she is definitely cute… and thinking back… that is the only valid justification I had hahaha. So at home I put her clothes into my washing machine, and started it. You all know that washing machine has 3 main steps: wash, rinse, and spin. After a while I noticed that my washing machine also had problems. It kept on stopping at the rinse process… and it also couldn’t flush the water out.

I was very disappointed with my machine for failing its Service Level Agreement (SLA) hehehe… so I decided to rinse Naara’s clothes in the shower room using bucket. While squatting down in the shower room, I repeatedly told myself “I can’t believe I am doing this… this is not fun at all” in the entire rinsing process. After a good 15 minutes… (well it showed my expertise level)… I finally completed the job… wow what a relief… the torture finally ended. So next I hanged her clothes to dry up… my flat mates (the Chinese girls) passed by and smiled at me when they looked at me hanging girls clothes, bras, and panties. I was a bit embarrassed hehehe… and the next day I ironed Naara’s clothes… I spent more than 30 minutes doing something that I don’t really enjoy for someone else.

Last night Naara called me that she has run out of clothes. So this morning before I went to work, I went to her house first to handover her clothes. She said thank you, gave me a bottle of coke, hugged me and gave me a kiss on my left cheek… wow a cute girl kissed me hehehe… suddenly all the effort spent seemed worth it hahaha. Then she told me “my landlord will buy a new machine next week, so I may need your help again”. But this time reality struck me and I gave her an excuse that I may go back to Jakarta to spend time with my family. But Naara said “please…. please… only you can help me”. Then my heart soften and I told her “ok, next time I helped you again”.

As I walked to my office this morning… I was smiling all the way, laughing inside about myself. Wow… I did something that I really don’t like for the sake of helping a cute lady. And I think there are millions of guys like me out there who are contradicting themselves for the sake of the opposite sex. To me this is quite biblical, because God created woman to be the helper of man (husband)… and one of their function is to motivate men to continue persevering in doing important things, which men don’t really like to do in the very first place.

Written by Handy Tirta Saputra on 30 Jan 2013.
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3 thoughts on “Diary 30 Jan 2013 – Why Men Do Things For Women

  1. Handy mama tidak melarang untuk menolong orang lain,tapi bantuan yang kamu berikan itu tidak layak untuk kamu kerjakan,kenapa tidak bawa saja ke loundry ? lain kali petimbangkan lagi jika ada yang minta tolong seperti ini

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