Diary 31 Jan 2013 – Just Be Myself ;-)

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My mom messaged me in whatsapp and expressed her concerns about what I did to Naara few days ago (you can read it HERE). I don’t blame her because I am her only son and it also means my mom understands English pretty well  (damn Google translator hehehe). Today I am not going to pretend I am not defending myself… the fact is I AM DEFENDING MYSELF hehehe. I just want to tell ya all that I love to be the real me… to be myself… and in this blog I can do that. Here I feel less concern about what people think or feel about me. So to me reputation is not as important as freedom of expression.

So what if I washed a lady’s clothes ? hehehe. Once a while I have the urge to do some stupid craps hehehe. Like it or not… it happened, but I chose to write it down here, open to public to read. And to be assessed by thousands of readers, I require my honesty and maturity to assist me. These two are important and I want them to be as genuine as possible. So yes… I did many things that perhaps many people will say STUPID hehehe. But if each and every one of us want to be honest with ourselves, I strongly believe that in some degree all of us have done stupid stuff in this lifetime one way or another.

As an individual I like to explore, try new things, think about provoking ideas, and drawing my own conclusion. My life in itself is so colorful, filled with so many crazy and interesting things… but not to the extend of leading me towards a life of jackass hehehe. Many friends tell me that I am a very unique and interesting person with rich and fantastic experience. Well I am not and will not be aiming to try everything the world has to offer, but at least I can tell myself I HAVE DONE THIS AND THAT. Thus I will not die in regret of not ever try things I wished I could do.

Today…there are so many people living in this world that are bound to their own perception of what others may think about them. It becomes so big so that what others think about them may become much more important than the facts or reality. These people are constrained by their own built up reputation and  over time they become too much self conscious. They are afraid to try new things, and the worse is skepticism crawls in their bones when they have to deal with interesting people who are unlike them. I sincerely wish that all of us can be free from this limitation. Fear of losing face, fear of damaged reputation… it is not right… because nothing good come out from FEAR.

And negative fear is not from God. The bible teach us to do everything in faith… and not in fear. But please don’t get me wrong as well… I also do not encourage madness, which is at the other extreme side. We have to strike balance and involve God in all that we do. As long it is not sinning and not harming other people, it is okay if we satisfy our own curiosity by trying something new, be it is stupid or not hehehe. So at least we can tell ourselves I HAVE DONE IT… I HAVE BEEN THERE… I KNOW EXACTLY HOW IT FEELS.

So next time it can be a great story to tell to our family and buddies. In fact I can picture myself telling wonderful and interesting stories to my teenage grandchildren… yeap kids… grandpha did that hehehe. As you may have known, I currently live in Singapore and I have so many boring friends here. In my humble opinion the reason why they become boring creatures is because they are conditioned to play VERY SAFE in all arena. So I always share with them my personal experience, which may sound A BOOM or A BANG to them… with the hope that one day they can be a little bit bolder to try something new and live a more interesting life.

Currently I am sincerely HAPPY and LOVE MY LIFE. My life is anything but dull. It has so many possibilities and unlimited things to explore. So I hope that you also can have the courage to be who you really are… because if you do so, it means you are honest with yourselves. And with honesty… God can work with us. He can restore, mold, and equip us to LIVE THIS LIFE TO THE FULLEST.

Written by Handy Tirta Saputra on 31 Jan 2013.
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4 thoughts on “Diary 31 Jan 2013 – Just Be Myself ;-)

  1. Your life is beautifull ^_^”, explore all new things…
    I want to be my self too…,
    sry if my English is very bad, hehe

  2. saya sangat setuju
    kebanyakan orang sudah terlalu gengsi dengan reputasi yang mereka miliki,sampai – sampai meraka lupa bahwa semakin hari mereka mulai kehilangan jati diri mereka dan melupakan tempat dimana mereka berdiri pertama kali

    saya adalah saya,hanya kegagalan dan kesalahan yg bisa membuat saya berkembang tanpa harus menghilangkan jati diri saya
    ^0^ / jadi diri sendiri itu lebih baik dari pada harus melakoni peran di suatu pementasan

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