Diary 6 Feb 2013 – Staying Up

Karina dari Ukraine - PenulisHidupku.Com - Last night I felt so bored, so I opened one of my yahoo messenger account which I created many years ago. Inside that account mostly are the female models whom I used to hang out when they were in town (Singapore). I have not opened this yahoo account for quite sometimes and as usual there were quite a number of online friends. Suddenly one message box pop up and it is from an Ukrainian model, whom I met several years ago. For privacy reason lets called her Karina. She is a beautiful lady and I met her twice before. First time was during Formula One event few years ago, (thanks to sister Ivy for the free ticket). And the second one was a few days later when both of us got wasted together, then woke up on a sofa (sister Ivy’s appartment). Well that happened before I met my second girl friend, and maybe that is one of the reason she still remembers me hehehe.

Karina dari Ukraine - PenulisHidupku.Com - 1

So I chatted with her for several hours and there were so many things to catch up. She shared a lot about her modeling career, relationship, family, and financial matters. As usual she talked more than I do and somehow I didn’t feel tired at all. She even shared with me about her sexuality issue and her new tattoo on her ankle. She is a very interesting person and I tried not to be jugdemental. She looks a bit different without make up, but to me she is more beautiful that way. She also asked me about my relationship status and I told her that I am still single (officially) now hehehe. I asked her for her latest photo and she sent me 2 , which you see here (yup they are original). When we finally said good bye and ended the chatting… it was 6 am in the morning. I had a quick 2 hours sleep and then went to work… luckily I was not late. There is a possibility that Karina will come to Singapore mid of this year. So anyone want to join me meeting up with this model ? hehehe

Written by Handy Tirta Saputra on 6 Feb 2013.
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