Diary 8 Feb 2013 – The World of Violence

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This morning at home in Jakarta I read some news from Yahoo Singapore and I felt very troubled. A grouped of men attacked a resort in Mexico with guns, they tied the men, and then raped 6 female tourists there. At the other corner of the world, at the far east of Papua New Guinea (PNG), a woman claimed to be a witch, was tortured and burned alive in public.

Many questions popping in to my mind. Though I can not and perhaps will not be able to fully understand why all of these happened, I just believe by faith that God is still in control over everything and His sovereignty will always be with us. We all need to realize that we all are born into this world that is full with violence. Every second someone somewhere in this world suffered from the act of violence.

Since the old days of the patriarchs in the Bible, violence has creep into mankind’s soul. Like it or not in us we have the genes / potential to manifest that disastrous power and bring suffering to other people. Maybe we can even be more dangerous than Adolf Hitler or Genghis Khan… well only God knows. But one thing for sure is the world need God… we all need Him.

God teaches us that we must love Him and love others seriously. Not just by saying (words) but also by action. If we truly love others like we love ourselves… I think the world we live in now will be a different one. For every baby born in this world we will look at them in the eyes and tell “welcome to this world love one… and IT IS A GREAT GREAT WORLD TO LIVE IN”. I hope it is not a just a dream… and one day it will come into reality.

Written by Handy on 8 Feb 2013.
Thanks to Yahoo Singapore for the news.
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