Diary 5 Feb 2013 – Enjoying China Town

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This evening after meeting and dinner with my FGBMFI family, I accompanied Carrine and ko Yudi to buy stuff at Chinatown. It was almost 10 pm, but there were still so many people shopping. The atmosphere was so lively as if Chinese New Year had already arrived.

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The street was crowded with people selling various kinds of food and ornaments. The three of us went from one shop to another, and the seller kept on giving us their food sample even though we didn’t buy anything. We tried almost everything from mochi cake, jelly, and Taiwanese dried sea weed.

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Going to Chinatown with ko Yudi was really fun. This guy is a big joker who loves to crack jokes and makes fun of other people. We constantly laughing all the way and for a while I felt incredebly relaxed hehehe. He is also have the thick to keep on taking food sample. His theory was right… because there were so many people… the shop owner kept on giving us free sample, thinking that we had just passed by… actually we had been there for quite sometimes and purposely moving in circle hehehe.

Soon our stomach was full because we tasted so many things. Ko Yudi said if we were hungry we should just come to Chinatown and after a round or two we will be full hehehe. The lesson I learned this evening was to pretend to buy, then the shop owner would give us the free sample. Eat it slowly and after that smile to the shop owner… and with THICK FACE left the shop and moved on to the next one hahaha.

OMG… I was a bit embarrassed at one shop. The shop owner gave us so many different jelly to tried and after that … we didn’t buy and moved to the next shop right in the opposite of his hehehe. In that shop we also enjoyed several sample and at the end didn’t buy anything there as well. I jokingly told Carrine and ko Yudi not to be surprised if we found our photos in those shops we visited with warning sign “BEWARE… these 3 only want free stuff, please do not entertain” hehehe.

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After trying so many stuff, finally Carrine decided to buy some mochi cake with peanuts inside… yes finally our good names were redeemed hehehe. Even before separating with one another, three of us were kept on laughing and cracking jokes, as if we were the happiest people on earth. This evening fellowship was modest and simple, but it was seriously really fun, Thank you my Lord 🙂

Written by Handy TS on 5 Feb 2013.
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