Diary 9 Feb 2013 – Going Out With My Dad

As you may know, my dad is still recovering from stroke, and praise to the Lord that day by day he is getting better and better, stronger and stronger. So this morning after both of us got our hair died by mom at home, dad and I went out to wash our car. Chinese believes that entering a Lunar new year, our items (house, cars, etc) must be clean. I was a bit worried because my dad drives the car only using one hand (his right hand)… and as you may know I don’t have driving license in Indonesia… the traffic here also makes my knees weak hehehe.

So less than 2 minutes driving from home, my dad bumped to a woman on the motorcycle. Thanks God she was ok and there was also no scratch on our car. We headed to Mangga Besar but the the place was full… so we headed to Pluit and took the quicky quicky wash… that is cheap (Rp. 25,000 – S$3.20) but of course not so clean lah.

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Bakmi Gajah Mada Spesial - PenulisHidupku.Com - 1My dad and I have something in common… which is our taste of food hehehe. We both love to eat noodle (bakmi). So we went back to Gajah Mada and we had Bakmi GM Spesial (Gajah Mada Special Noodle). For friends who are non Indonesian, you can go there. The address: Jalan Gajah Mada No 92.

The taste is not bad, but I have many noodles that are better than that. In fact my cousin’s noodle is still much better that that. But I enjoyed my time with my dad during my lazy mood here in Jakarta. A friend from Korea, Ju Hyun, messaged me via whatsapp to wish me Chinese New Year and how she wished she could be with me in Jakarta (huh ?!… a bit weird)… and luckily she doesn’t know about this blog hehehe.

Written by Handy on 9 Feb 2013.
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