Diary 9 Feb 2013 – Trying Joni Steak

Tonight is family reunion dinner, but my mom didn’t cook. We all decided to relieve her from this tedious duty hehehe. So we went out to local Chinese restaurants… but all were full and fully booked. Desperate for food (finally our energy bar was red and blinking hehehe), we headed to Joni’s steak at Gajah Mada. I heard about this place from my friend, Lia, but never try it before.

It was famous for good steak at good price… so in the same market segment like Abuba. It just happened that in the afternoon dad and I had our lunch at Bakmi GM, who is right beside the Jonis. The place is not fantastic… quite modest… more like a warung, and the crowd mostly are young adult like me. The place is a bit hot… somehow the aircon was not working properly.

Salad - Joni Steak - PenulisHidupku.Com - 1

Salmon Steak - Joni Steak - PenulisHidupku.Com - 1

Sirloin Steak - Joni Steak - PenulisHidupku.Com - 1

Then we started ordering… I tried the USA beef sirloin steak, mom and dad as usual had Salmon, and a bit of salad for me and dad. After a while the food came up and when I tasted them… hmmm… surprisingly really good. The steak is less than S$10 each. This is a good place to spend money hehehe. So if you are wondering how to come here. The address is Jalan Gajah Mada No 91.

Written by Handy on 9 Feb 2013.
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