Diary 17 Feb 2013 – Back To Life Again

Menulis Cerita - PenulisHidupku.Com - 1I really miss this blog, and leaving it untouched for the past 2-3 days made me a bit guilty. Now that I am back to Singapore again and I have more time to write. As you notice for the past few weeks I have been mixing my content with English as well. I thought it is good that I continue writing this way so I can improve both in my Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language) and also my English. Anyway I found that most educated Indonesians nowadays can understand English. So what will the content be for this week ? It has not been decided but there were a few of them in my IPad which I wrote when I was in the airplane and when I was in my parent’s shop back in Jakarta. I think I will post them first and then write a few more. So in the meantime please browse this blog, and come back often. God bless you !

Written by Handy Tirta Saputra on 17 Feb 2013 – 10:40 am
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