My Thought: Why Beautiful Women Want To Be With “Not So Attractive” Boyfriend

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This afternoon I went to nearby cinema alone, just to catch any available movie. While buying snacks and soft drinks I just could not help myself to stare at an odd couple… a modern era of “beauty and the beast” I would say (bad me… I know). The woman is so beautiful and sexy, but the guy seems dorky and looks like coming from the 60s… long long time ago. They both are in the early 20s my guess and thanks to them it sparks a thinking in my brain. Why beautiful women want to be with ugly… err… I mean “not so attractive” boyfriend.

Obviously first come to my mind was… How deep is his pocket ? hehehe… I am really really sorry… somehow we have been stereotyping beautiful women that they are as the same as money diggers. It is not right at all. They are obviously different… I mean different costumes… but the same black wolf inside hahaha. Seriously I am half joking here… don’t be offended if you think you are pretty. But if that man is not really a conglomerate son, and she still loves him… perhaps there is something more to this guy that meets the eye.

I recalled meeting a beautiful Japanese lady in Suntec city… she was very demure, looked like the actress in the old “Oshin” movie. But with her was a super duper ugly (oops… I should not use this word too much… otherwise my pastor will give me a lecture… what the heck kkkk) husband, who seems comes from Papua. No offense to fellow brothers from Papua… the problem with this guy was not the fact that he is from Papua, but because he was old, bald headed, and had one big pack tummy (as if there is a baby pig inside of him). To me there is nothing on him that can possibly attract such a beautiful Japanese lady… until not long after that… my friend told me that Papua brothers have a long elephant nose down there… so it must be the X-Factor. Yeah… it must be… (so maybe all my ex-kaki brothers from Singapore should begin a trip to Papua for some enhancement therapy ?… count me out because obviously I am quite happy with mine hehehe). Papua brothers… you are so manly blessed.

I think stereotyping is totally wrong. Like beautiful women do not read the map properly… it is totally wrong… I totally disagree with that… do you know why ? It is… because they can not read at all in the first place… hehehe (don’t kill me please). Seriously sterotyping is not cool… like the Jews are said to be… (enough…) well you pretty much get what I mean. I seriously want to believe that in each individual there is something that shine from his/her heart.

Perhaps these beautiful women found that jewel inside the men who seems unatractive. Maybe he is loyal, serious, mature, and of course not so importantly… he is filthy rich (ehem… I put this last to be politically correct hehehe). Well I rate mysef to be “not so bad” looking (which logically means good looking… but in a much humbled tone ;-))… but seriously I am not in the same class as Tom Cruise, and Brad Pitt. I am more like in the same category of Hugh Jackman, and Daniel Craig though… yeah I know that it was an understatement… but I love to be humble you know… (I can sense that some of you almost fall from your chair).

But seriously I was not the coolest guy in the class when I was in school, and university. The only time I was the coolest… when I was in the hospital room waiting for my turn to get my ass digged for stool sample… for that brief moment of time… I was really the coolest guy around (the rest look like they are going to die… seriously… especially those just came out from the room). Yeah seriously I was the coolest looking man there… until that gay looking doctor came in and stole the attention from me… damn. Well if you meet me in person… you know how I really look like (unless you are blind). I am cool inside and hot outside… which is dangerous to you sexy ladies… because you will melt like banana split in oven… which means I will totally disintegrate you… until you look like a piece of shit (yeah, don’t laugh people).

One day I went to a club… and there is this one sexy lady dancing on the floor… ALONE. You know there were so many good looking guys there but they had one problem… they all had no guts to step forward and be with the lady. Come on… have you seen animal planet ? You saw those female birds attracting attention when they want to mate ? Well… this is somehow a similiar concept… (I hope my pastor is not reading this… well it is too late perhaps). So I turned to my friend called Chivas, Martel, and Vodka to give me 3 short turbo boost before I made my killing move… that’s why they called me “the club great predator”… eng ing eng (as the music started).

I showed to everyone what a sexy dance was. To you who think you know me… I tell you what… you don’t know me until you see me dancing. I was very famous for my INABILITY to dance… yup I can not dance at all… but one thing about me… I was still unrepentent for showing and embracing my limitation shamelessly. After all I have to show the booty my mama gave me. Well it is kind of the oppa gangnam rolled over by a big truck kind of style… boneless move and provocative (what the heck is that ?… just use your immagination). And guess what…. I attracted this beautiful lady’s attention. As result she was with me till the end of night at the club.

She told me when she was drunk (I guess…) “Honestly you are not handsome… I mean you are not really my type… but I like you so much, and I hope after this we can do something special… bla bla bla… You know… I hate those handsome men… they just took my virginity and ran away”. What… I told myself “what was that ?… what did she say ? … her virginity was teleported by Startrek Enterprise to a Klingon ship ? … oh virgin Mary please forgives her”. Obviously that was a big turn off for me… so unappropriate to tell… needless to say… I left her with her girl friends that night in the club and never answer her calls from that day onwards (cruel me I know). Not because I embrace virginity… but because the way she express her mind… something should be left highly classified…especially about that topic in the first meeting… and as someone who feels himself “not so bad looking” accussed to be virginity stealer… (I don’t care if she was not referring to me) I was offended ok… deep down I am quite sensitive too you know.

Frankly I do believe that some beautiful women can be attracted to not so attractive boyfriend… and there is no sin about that. The Bible does not forbid us doing that, unless you are using “dukun” (a kind of shaman with black magic)… or you put drugs in her drinks to knock her out like what Justin Lee did. Some people are match maked in heaven (quoted from the Vietnamese / Thailand ladies match making agency that hunt unattractive Singaporean men). And I believe inside the heart of this so called “not so attractive” men there is one shiny thing, which is genuine love + kindness + the undivided 6C that attracts not only beautiful women BUT ALSO ANIMALS ALIKE… (wow… the truth finally revealed… what a great story climax kkk).

I really hope you have good time while reading this article about “my thought”. A writing that is full of craps, with no conclusion and just for the sake of making us looks silly smiling on our own (especially in the office and public library)… hurry up erase that looks… you look perverted… seriously :-). Sorry for the stereotyping or racist comment up there and if I offended any of you… you know that I don’t mean it. Please look forward for more of “My Thought” series. I really had good time and laughing non stop while writing this. Till then… start hunting beautiful women… you ugly dogs. Ugh… it hurts, doesn’t it ? (bad me I know… Howl) :-). Love ya, peace, and God bless !!! 😉

Written by Handy Tirta Saputra on 17 Feb 2013.
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  1. I like this story
    All seemed absurd
    but for some reason it was often the case
    beautiful woman like a man who is not handsome

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