Diary 22 Feb 2013 – A Spark In My Heart

Tukar Cincin - Handy Tirta Saputra - PenulisHidupku
Today I witnessed my friend’s ROM (Registry of Marriage) and took a few of their photos. I feel so happy for both of them and I know they are very happy + will have many many kids hehehe. As I looked at them from my camera, watching unspoken language as they exchanged vows… something happened in my heart. Suddenly a kind of spark came and something that has been sleeping inside for a long time has just been awaken. For the first time… I have the courage to talk to “the one” and express my feelings. Suddenly all fear vanished unexplainably. I know for sure I am ready to take action. Perhaps I will remember today for the rest of my life… because I feel so much alive and have a clear vision that… “one day I too will stand before God with my wife, and say those vows… to be together till death do us part“.

Written by Handy Tirta Saputra on 22 Feb 2013.
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