Dare To Ask

Bertanya - PenulisHidupku.Com - 1For the past few days, I feel so liberated and my heart is at ease. Last Thursday I listed down the things that I wished to do but would require other people’s approval or cooperation. Most of them were the ones that should be done quite long time ago. Right after I completed the list, immediately I prayed to God for courage, because the next step I would do was very important… which is to ASK those people to get what I wanted. Somehow I thought to myself “the worse is they will say no. If it happens I will just take this positively and I am learning to handle rejection. But if they say yes… that will be great”. So I contacted a few people on Friday (while waiting for my friend shopping), and ASKED them for the following:

  • A lady to go out during weekend – (I have been wanting to do this for more than a year).
  • A vendor to give me more discount for my Indonesian business – (I wanted this to happen since a year ago)
  • A friend to ask him to forgive someone we know – (I should do this since 2 years ago).
  • A businessman to help me getting more customers for my business in Indonesia.
  • A friend to attend our FGBMFI chapter meeting again (this should be done about a year ago).

Well the result was … I received more NO than YES. But the ones who rejected my request, replied to me very nicely and accompanied with some reasons. Some of them communicated with me over the phone, and some via BBM. Then I told myself “hey… it is not bad at all. I don’t feel hurt… nor embarrased”. So I learnt that moving forward I have to be more daring to ask. The same thing is true in my relationship with God, I know that for my soul mate He once said to me who I can begin my relationship with and she has the same faith with me. But on Friday, while I was at Ion Orchard I prayed again to God and asked Him “can I chase Tuul (a Mongolian lady, who is a Buddhist and friend of mine) to be my soul mate ? ”. Then I heard a voice in Bahasa Indonesia, “air dan minyak tidak dapat bersatu”, which if translated to English means “water and oil cannot be mixed together ”. In other word… it is a NO for the answer. Did I feel hurt when God say No ? Of course not hehehe. But I will obey Him and not approaching Tuul for that kind of relationship.

So asking for something is not wrong. If you don’t ask then you will not know the outcome. Even in the Bible it is written:

Matthew 7:7 – “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you”.

Often as believer in Christ… we dare not to ask. Now I begin to think that it is wrong for not to ask.  We should ask more. Whether God wants to grant it or the other people want to give it to us… is really up to them. But the minimum we all should do… is simply ASKING. I hope it can be a good reflection for all of us today. God bless you and your loved ones.

Written by Handy Tirta Saputra on 23 Feb 2013.
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