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Often I feel that I am too busy with so many stuff, and it seems that my energy capacity is getting lower day by day. Today I made a remark to my coleague in the office that I used to be very energetic when it comes to Friday. But today (Friday, 15 Mar 2013) I feel super duper tired… physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It felt like the energy has fled from me… and I am left empty inside. I know that I have physical battery, emotional battery, and spiritual battery. And at the moment they are not well balanced. Honestly speaking I think my spiritual battery is flat.

I have been hammered by so many things recently, which forced me to use the energy from my spiritual battery. But the problem is I forgot to recharge it. Just like our mobile phone, our spiritual battery also need to be recharged, by being connected to the spiritual power source… which is God Himself. Prayer, quiet time, and meditating His words… are the connector (cable) that linking us to Him. And I have not been doing a good job in that area recently.

Battery - PenulisHidupku.Com - 2It has been quite a while since I had good quality time with God. During those times I usually dropped everything I did, and just focused on Him alone. I used to walk in the park for hours while listening the audio sermons / worship music or reading the bible from my iPhone. I even made commitment to meet Him at specific time and specific place. There used to be a basket ball court which I visited daily every midnight. Most of the time nobody was there, but even though there were some people… I didn’t care. In that court I bowed down in His presence and told Him “I love you so much my Lord”. Often God revealed Himself and I could hear Him clearly. Oh, now thinking back about it… I really miss those moments.

But praise to the Lord. By His grace, today I suddenly have the longing to spend quality time with Him again. I know my flesh is weak, but my spirit seems to be unstoppable… the battery needs to be recharged very badly. So right after posting this… I know where I am going. I will meet Him face to face and cling to Him. How about you ? Will you join me ? Just whisper to the Holy Spirit that you need Him and how much you want to please our Heavenly Father. Good night and God bless you :-).

Written by Handy Tirta Saputra on 15 March 2013.
All glory to Jesus Christ.
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