Fotografi: The Musician Bersama Dengan Yunos Erksan – Part 1

Foto ini gua ambil beberapa waktu yang lalu di Singapura. Modelnya bernama Yunos Erksan dan dia adalah seorang musisi. Kita ambil foto ini di dekat rumah gua di daerah Selegie. Silahkan dinikmati dan klik foto untuk melihat komentar – komentar yang lain.
Yunos Erksan - Handy Tirta Saputra - Lee Xing Zhi - PenulisHidupku.Com - 1
A musican walked down a small street, and he carried happiness in his pocket. He smiled to the group strangers that were enjoying hot Javanese coffee at an alfresco cafe. No one seemed to care nor responded to him, but his talented fingers quietly touched his guitar. A pleasant tune was produced, then followed by charming voice came out from his vocal cord. The crowds suddenly stop chatting and paused their activity. All eyes were set on the musician. Through his music, the musician painted smile on the audiences’face. Each and every one of them suddenly remembered about their past happy memories. They all were inside a happy state and felt trully alive. When the music finally ended, the cheers and applauses could be heard from two to three blocks away. The musician smiled back at the crowd, and continued walking. He felt satisfied inside because his form of art touched other people and he has been true to himself… as a smile bringer.

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