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Feeling good about yourself - PenulisHidupku.Com - 1This morning I got up a bit late, and missed a photo shooting session organized by my friends. For those who don’t know me, photography is my hobby and I love everything that is related to it. Even though I could not enjoy my hobby and spend time with my friends this morning, by the grace from heaven… I feel so good about myself. I started to focus on the positive side… like I had enough rest, I felt fresh, and my heart was filled with joy. We often think that we have to do something extra ordinary to feel good about ourselves, like winning a lottery, having a vacation in a beautiful exotic islands, buying a Ferrari, or any other things that we hope to achieve.

But today I find that we do not need to have extra ordinary things to feel good about ourselves. We deserve to feel good because this life is a gift from God, and we have the choice to fill it with bad feeling or good feeling. When I stepped out from my apartment, I found a dead pigeon lying infront of my neighbour’s unit. Knowing my neighbours well, knowing my flatmates well, and knowing my apartment building management well (that the cleaners do not work on Sundays), I thought to myself… there will be a foul smell from that dead bird if someone will not clear it. But I ignored it and had my branch at a nearby cafe.

After a wonderful meal, on my way back to my apartment I started thinking about the dead pigeon and myself. For those who know me well… they know that I hate touching dead animal. I don’t mind touching a cleaned red meat or fish flesh, but a dead animal with their skin or fin still intact… is a big no no. Somehow I felt it is a bit disguisting, and I had this so called phobia started many years ago as a boy after touching a dead fish from my aquarium. That experience brought nightmares to me many years ago about dead animals. So today… after feeling good about my body, had a wonderful lunch… I told myself “God says there is nothing I should be afraid of. Even though I do not like it, there times I have to do something because it needs to be done“.

So I reached to my apartment unit again… and surprisingly that the dead bird was lying infront of my apartment unit. Well the bird is pretty dead alright… and it didn’t try to be a walking dead hehehe. I knew my neighbour well… somebody from their unit must have kicked the dead bird. I told myself “I have to clean this up”. So I took a plastic bag, and a broom. I put the bird into the plastic bag using a broom… without touching it, quickly wrap it, and throw it to the garbage bin. The dead bird was gone… and I continued feeling good. Why ? Because today I started overcoming my phobia.

Today I realize that we can feel good in the ordinary things happening in our daily life. We will be a miserable person, if we have to wait to feel good only when extra ordinary events happen to us. We will be a better, happier, and fulfilled achiever if we continue finding excuses or ways to feel good about ourselves. To me this concept or thought comes from the belief that God creates my life so perfect and beautiful… so it does not matter whether rain or shine… I choose to feel good about my life in honor of what my God has done. I feel so glad about my past, content about my present, and excited for what future will bring to me. I pray and hope you choose to feel good about yourself today.

Written by Handy Tirta Saputra on 20 October 2013, thanks to getting up late, thanks to missing the photography session, thanks to the dead bird, and most importantly thanks to my Father in heaven.
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