Diary 22 Oct 2013 – Walk With Me

Walking with Holy Spirit - PenulisHidupku.Com - 1Last night after attending Full Gospel chapter meeting and enjoying another round of fellowship with some brothers at a 24 hours coffee shop, I went home. While passing by a cinema near my house, suddenly the Holy Spirit said very clearly to me “walk with Me“. He wanted me to take another longer route to reach my apartment, and I just obeyed Him very very happily. We walked together and we chat as per normal. Then He asked me to look at the sky, and look for the stars. That night the clouds were filling the sky and I could not find even a single star.

Me: “I can not see any star”
Holy Spirit: “Do you believe there are stars behind the clouds, even though you can not see them ?”
Me: “yes, I do”
Holy Spirit: “Why you believe it ?”
Me: “Well… I was taught from school there are stars, and I also have seen them many many times”
Holy Spirit: “Have you been there (the stars) before ?”
Me: “Of course not”
Holy Spirit: “So you have not been there, but yet you believe stars are there because you believe what the school taught you, and you believe what you see from a far away distance ?”
Me: “Hmmm… pretty much like that”
Holy Spirit: “It is easier to believe that the stars exist than you travel all the way there to prove their existence right ?”
Me: “Yeah… of course”
Holy Spirit: “Let me tell you something… believing is easy if you TRUST the person that gives you the information (whether it is yourself or other people). And trust is built in the RELATIONSHIP you have with him or her”

I just kept quiet, as I knew I was learning something. Then I quietly whispered “I trust You… whatever You tell me (through the scriptures) I believe You”.

Then we passed by a place, which me and my ex-GF used to quarrel + fight before. Holy Spirit asked me “what do you see ?”. I know for sure He wasn’t asking about that place… there is a memory attached to that place… and it was not pleasant to remember. So I answered Him “bitterness, anger, and jealousy” as I looked down to the floor. Then He gently told me “that is the kind of life you have without Me“. I looked up and I told Him “Amen. I believe You”. I then remembered about my ex GF, and with a bit tears in my eyes I prayed that God protects my ex GF. We are not meant to be together but I requested Him that my ex GF’s husband is changed to be a person that loves and fears the Lord.

Then I walked to a Kopitiam. When I reached it, another memory came back… and again about another woman. She is a cute lady, with beautiful smile… there was a time I prayed to the Lord that how I wish to have her as my future wife. But now she is in Europe, and has found a boyfriend. With smile on my face I told Holy Spirit “You remember that prayer ? Now I am canceling my request hehehe”. Somehow there was such a joy overflowing my heart.

Then I continued my walk towards my apartment. And the conversation still continued.
Holy Spirit: “Do you trust Me ?
Me: “Yes”
Holy Spirit: “Do you believe that she is the one that I have prepared to be your wife ?” – as He referred to someone that I know, and I have been faithfully waiting for the past 2 years.
Me: “Yes, I do. I believe You. Please change me so I can accept her, and please change me so she can accept me

I continued talking to Him… and soon I reached home. I know that I can always trust Him. I know that what He says is true. Thank you Holy Spirit for the fellowship. I bless You Father, Lord Jesus Christ, and beloved Holy Spirit. I praise You. I worship You.

Praise the Lord. Written by Handy Tirta Saputra on 23 October 2013.
All honor and glory to Abba Father, Lord Jesus Christ, and wonderful Holy Spirit.
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